Why book us?

We understand that this is probably the first time you’ve ever shopped for a wedding photographer. If you’re perusing through 20 websites a day, how can you pick out the best of the best? All you know is that XXX Bridal Guide says that you should spend XX% of your wedding on a photographer. But what if you care about photography the most? Should that number still be the same?

Price can be a measure of quality. But, value is subjective.  How do you know what is “cheap”, a “great value“, or just plain ridonkulous!

We’ve listed the things that our studio offers, they are a combination of what we know to be true and what our past clients have told us are true. These are the things that you might not necessarily notice just by an hour or so of perusing on our website and blog.


Alfred started with portrait photography, wedding photography on film for family/friends, and then went off to 2nd shoot for other wedding photographers, even before “Alfred Salom Photography” and way before “Alfred & Emma Photography”. Together, we’ve been shooting since 2008 and have shot over 100 weddings together. Alfred has worked with old-school photographers, new-age photographers, and even rockstar photographers. He continues to leave slots open throughout the year so that he can second shoot with other photographers.

Dedicated Second Shooter

A dedicated second shooter (Emma!) whose been specifically trained to support and compliment Alfred’s style. This is important to us. To maintain the quality of our style, customer experience, and product, Alfred and I have to be on the same page. We have to know what each other is thinking, without asking. We could be shooting in two different hotels, but the vision and experience should still be the same.  You meet us both at the consultation, so you know exactly who you’ll be working with on your big day.

Customer Service

Customer service is a priority. What if you have awesome images, but everyone remembers your photographer as a prick who bossed everyone around? Or, you hired awesome photographers, but it took you 6 months to get the photos, and each email goes unanswered for weeks at a time? We have a vested interest in keeping this business going and keeping our clients happy. This aspect of our business does not end once the cake has been cut or the final payment has been made, this is an ongoing process. In every situation we ask ourselves, “how would we want to be treated? is this fair to both parties? is this the right thing to do?”


Lovable, yet approachable style. We are here to help you make ordinary spaces look extraordinary, to provide images that reflect the awesomeness of your wedding, and to deliver a set of memories that matches or even exceeds your own recollection (maybe you want to conveniently forget that Uncle Dan was extremely DRUNK during your wedding…well, we can help you with that).

A portfolio with depth and variety. More than half  of our clients are referrals from past clients, wedding guests, bridal party members, and family members. We are very proud of this. We want to give each client an awesome experience, and a unique one. If you and your best friend both book us (this is actually common for us, yay!), then you both deserve a unique experience. We have our own style, but we do not let it define us. Your personality + our vision = OUR STYLE.

Professional &Lovable

We are your wedding vendors first, friends second. We may be goofy or candid in emails, IMs, text messages, tweets, or Facebook updates, but we realize that you are our clients and this is an IMPORTANT day that cannot be redone.  We come to weddings with our game face on.

We will also be with you for most of the day, so it’s really important to us that you like us. Please schedule a consultation and spend some time with us, read our reviews, or fan us up on Facebook. Calling ourselves awesome would be a bit biased, so please give us a chance to prove that to you.

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